In course of my very short eighty plus years of earthly tenure, the world I knew has been turned upside down. Honesty has been replaced with deception; friendliness with antagonism; interracial respect with racism; offering a helping hand with disregard; and responsibility with shirking.

For thousands of years our forebears fought to gain control of their lives and destiny against great odds imposed by dictators and tyrants. In just a few years we have recently witnessed these hard-won rights being eroded by a growing band of left-wing socialist activists who in their short lives have never witnessed anything other than the fruits of those early endeavors. While claiming the moral high ground, they have never experienced war on a grand scale, or the devastating effects of severe economic depression. More poignantly, they were not around to witness the failure of socialism that morphed into communism in Russia, following the 1917 revolution.

More poignantly, they have never picked up a history book, and are successfully removing them from our universities and schools in an effort to stop you from knowing, as was the case in China under President Mao Zedong, when he ordered the burning of all books in an effort to keep the peasantry ignorant. Don’t know who Mao Zedong was? My point exactly!

The point of writing this book is my desire, my need, my drive, to expose these underhanded stormtroopers who are, for reasons that are totally obscure to me, are attempting to take from us our freedom and our ability to control our own lives, to exist in a state of imposed hierarchal control at the pinnacle of which they imagine they will sit.




  1. What’s All The Fuss About?
  2. One Man’s Journey.
  3. Are We Moving To The left?
  4. Political Correctness.
  5. Gender Inequality.
  6. Manners And Respect.
  7. What Are We Doing To The Minds And Bodies Of Our Youth?
  8. Racism.
  9. Crime.
  10. History.
  11. Democracy – A road Less Travelled.
  12. In Sickness And In Health.
  13. The Year Of The Coronavirus.
  14. The Meaning Of Life.
  15. Oh What A Lovely War.
  16. From Russia With Love.
  17. China, The Restless Tiger.
  18. Inside Islam.
  19. The Human Plague.
  20. Population Concentrations.
  21. Fear Not, The United Nations Is Protecting Us.
  22. Who’s Running This Show.
  23. Wrapping It Up.



  1. In What’s All The Fuss About? I introduce you into the clandestine world of those who are seeking to take control of the world and all who reside therein.
  2. In order to make a case the left-wing socialist faction is painting a picture of the recent past that they portray as a cauldron of sexist and racist debauchery. I was there, they weren’t, so in order to set the record straight, in One Man’s Journey I offer an insightful look at life as seen through my eyes.
  3. Are We Moving To The left? is the beginning of an expose’ of how we are being seduced by socialist rhetoric that is designed to strip us of our hard-won personal freedom.
  4. Who could have imagined that two rather innocent words, Political Correctness, could become the monster it is today, and like a snowball rolling downhill it is gaining speed and mass. In this chapter I expose the often ridiculous and self-defeating changes that are being proposed and implemented into our language, our lives, and even into our legal systems.
  5. Gender Inequality addresses this new wave of division between the sexes, the voracity of which has no precedent. Our media is overflowing with accusations of misconduct, mainly by males toward females that range from sexual, to domestic violence, and bullying in the workplace. In Chapter 5, I attempt to bring some sense of order and legitimacy to these claims.
  6. Manners And Respect. What are they, you may ask? In Chapter 6, I trace the rise and fall of these social graces that are the mortar that has keeps the fragile structure of our society together, but not for much longer, it would appear.
  7. The most egregious sin we are committing today can be summed up as What Are We Doing To The Minds And Bodies Of Our Youth? In this chapter I expose how we are effectively lobotomizing our youth to became slaves of social media, while permitting chemical and surgical procedures to be performed on pre-pubescent children as young as ten years who claim gender dysphoria, even before they have experienced puberty.
  8. One of the ugliest words in the English language, the inflammation of Racism by the far-left socialist movement is fostering a festering black on white confrontation that could erupt into civil war. Chapter 8 outlines the history of interracial conflict that is quite different to that being espoused by the rabblerousers.
  9. Crime is a growth industry. More cops, over-burdoned courts, bigger and more detention centres, and what is shaping up as a crippling cost to tax-payers who are forced to provide shelter, food, clothing and free medical attention to the scum who chose to in some way to defraud or damage the society we all share. With the benefit of my years as a cop, and as police prosecutor, I am able to some degree expose the soft underbelly of what is developing into an epidemic.
  10. History, now there is a word we are now only hearing in the pejorative perspective. Chapter 10 will illustrate that history is nothing other than a recorded treatise of the events that occurred prior to to-day. It is a warts and all account of human weakness and strength from which we can all learn, but it also contains material fact the leftist socialists don’t want you to know about because it does not suit their agenda of prefabricating history as they are fraudulently attempting to do.
  11. Democracy – A road Less Travelled, aptly describes the decline in a balanced social system that was only recently enshrined in such documents as The United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Now being trodden on, the greatest assault on democracy was perpetrated by former President Donald Trump, while still in office, when he urged his supporters to march on the United States Congress building to vent their anger. The rampage that followed resulted in six deaths.
  12. With 43 years of clinical practice to my credit, and still at it, I have been exposed diagnosing and treating a range of health issues that would fill a number of books. Suffice it to say that I have learned much, the highlights of which I address In Sickness And In Health. Above all, I learned patients seek medical advice by deferring to physicians who they trust will supply the answers. Unfortunately, we place too much trust in the pharmaceutical industry that has sold it’s soul to the Devil in order to achieve wealth. The statistics, along with the known cover-ups, are chilling.
  13. The Year Of The Coronavirus. Now here is something we all think we know something about. But was this a freak of nature that could not be avoided, or was there sinister human meddling that culminated in its release on a global basis to benefit the agenda of the host country.
  14. We are divided into two distinct groups. Those who attempt to contemplate the meaning of life, and those who have never given it a thought. But there is one cohesive desire, and that for most of us is happiness. Most of us missed the bus and too late realise that The Meaning Of Life is the embodiment of life itself, over which we do have some control. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Spend it wisely.
  15. Our readiness to commit ourselves to war and send the cream of our young men and women to die for something they did not start, nor want, is a crime beyond all others. Tragically, wars bring us together, which gives rise to the realization that we are better at staging wars than living in peace. In Oh What A Lovely War you will recognize the gathering clouds on the horizon that indicate we could be in for another one or two major conflicts as aggressive régimes flex their expansionist muscles.
  16. And this happens to be one of the players. In From Russia With Love we will trace the emergence of the former United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), and the current president-for-life, Vladimir Putin’s agenda for returning to the glory days of seeking world domination.
  17. This is the other one. China, The Restless Tiger is emerging from its lair, bigger and more frightening than we even gave it credit for achieving. Its One Belt One Road policy of world domination by controlling the global economy is accompanied by the fastest build-up of a war machine ever witnessed. Buy your country, or bomb you. Your choice!
  18. Most of us know something about Muslims, but are we really cognizant of the structure of Islam and the possible threat it is imposing on the lives of those who do not follow its creed? Inside Islam may be one of the most succinct and informative accounts of the establishment of a religion that is about to eclipse the word in terms of numbers of adherents, and the ramifications it will have on non-believers.
  19. Seventy-five years ago the global population was 2.1 billion. To-day it is 7.9 billion and we are adding an additional billion every 12 years, the equivalent of 80 million each year. The Human Plague will show we are approaching critical mass which may herald the greatest annihilation of species since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
  20. Where do people live? What is their access to food and services? Are they running out of room to continue expanding? Population Concentrations addresses the looming downside to over-crowding and the logistics of growing and transporting sufficient food to supply millions of people in the confines of just one city, including essential services and trash removal.
  21. United Nations bashing is one of my most favorite things to do. In Fear Not, The United Nations Is Protecting Us, I address the ineffectiveness of a global body of representatives of 193 member states and their miserable attempts at keeping peace, their main objective, and of protecting and preserving this planet.
  22. It may, or may not, surprise you to learn there are five families who have their hands on the helm, or should that be the money? In Who’s Running This Show, we will take a peek inside this cabal of puppeteers and examine the good, the bad and the ugly side of their individual involvement.
  23. There is an old saying that all goes … all good things must come to an end. I sincerely believe that in our current predicament many of the bad things that are currently plaguing us can also be resolved. In Wrapping It Up I suggest how we can still throw a spanner in the works to derail the destructive attempted take-over the leftist-socialist movement burdening us with, and stop the downward slide before it’s too late.

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