The product of a number of years of intensive research, Slim Forever is not a diet in the traditional sense. Most diets are ill-conceived, ineffective and can be dangerous to your health. They fail because the authors have no concept of how to access body fat while preserving muscle. In a process called gluconeogenesis, poorly designed diets signal starvation to which the body responds by preserving its stores of body fat and begins breaking down muscle and converting that into glucose. Repeated attempts at losing weight results in emaciation which may never fully recover. But its not just the muscles we see that suffer, organs, including the heart, can also be affected.

By controlling hypoglycemia and limiting it to just six hours each day, your body will access and burn excess body fat while preserving muscle. Best of all, most people really enjoy being on the program because they get to eat real food, without having to take supplements. What could be more natural?

But there’s more. Slim Forever is not only a balanced eating program that will enable you to lose while eating many of your favourite foods, it will improve your health. Unlike other diets that leave you hanging once you have completed the program, which means you usually go back to your old eating habits that caused the problem in the first place, Slim Forever comes in two parts, an active weight loss program, and a weight maintenance program that allows you enormous latitude and to overdo it on those special occasions. With recorded losses of up to 80 kilograms/176 lb. of excess body fat in extreme cases, you too can regain the body you want without the pangs of starvation associated with most diets.




  1. Your Personal Weight Loss Program.
  2. The Golden Rules of Being Slim Forever.
  3. Monitoring Your Progress.
  4. Why Lose Weight?
  5. Why Diets Fail.
  6. Don’t Count Calories.
  7. Digestion and the Hunger Response.
  8. Eating Disorders.
  9. Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats.
  10. Vitamins and Minerals.
  11. All About Body Fat.
  12. Body Energy.
  13. Cholesterol.
  14. Steak and Eggs.
  15. Grains, Breakfast Cereals and Bread.
  16. Sugar ‘n’ Spice and Everything…?
  17. What Have They Done to Our Food?
  18. Biorhythms and Biological Clocks.
  19. Exercise, Is It Really Necessary?
  20. Eat Drink and be Slim.
  21. Quick Reference Carbohydrate Counter.

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