Australian Top-Ten Best-selling author, Dr Robert Harris, releases a no-punches pulled look at a world in turmoil.


Publicious Book Publishing is proud to announce the release of Dr Robert Harris’s latest book,

WTF Is Happening To Us? now available in bookstores and from eBook providers world-wide.

A work of non-fiction, WTF Is Happening To Us? takes us on a journey to the dark-side to witness first-hand the agenda of those who are attempting to take from us all that we, our parents and our grandparents, fought so hard to achieve.

We are being manipulated into believing that we don’t know how to raise our children, and that we are racists, sexists, misogynists, politically incorrect, undemocratic, unfeeling, and definitely ‘not woke’. These social-political antagonists are committing the unforgivable act of performing non-surgical lobotomies on the immature minds of our children and filling the void with confusion, fear and resentment.

And what are ‘they’ offering in its place? Turmoil, riots, death, destruction of property, insecurity, a philosophy based on lies and conspiratorial misinformation, and a return to a failed socialist system of equality for all that encourages people to stay at home and not work.

Offended by the title of the book? If this is what it takes to get people’s attention in a world suffering information overload, to get them to understand what they are facing and how drastically it will negatively change their lives if they don’t act to preserve what they have, then we who actively oppose this nuevo leftist-socialist movement, will have failed.



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